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Solo Traveler Program

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Want to share a room with another solo traveler? Follow these steps to meet other BearCruise solo travelers and book a cruise.

  1. Let BearCruise know which cruise(s) you are interested in, and that you want to find a roommate.  If we have someone else who wants to find a roommate, we will with your permission, exchange contact information between the two potential sailors.
  2. Join our Facebook Solo Travelers Group on Facebook.
  3. Post about which cruise you are interested in, and browse Facebook profiles of other members.  Reach out with a Facebook message if  you see someone you think might be a good roommate for you.
  4. Chat on social media and eventually talk live on a web video call to determine if you think you are compatible roommates.
  5. Let BearCruise know that you want to book a cabin and share.  We can create the reservation and charge each of you for half.
  6. For cruises with refundable deposits, you can book a cabin to save your spot, and then look around for a compatible roommate to share with.  If you find one, we can charge half to you and half to the other person.  If you do not find one by final payment date (usually 3 months prior to sailing), then you may cancel the cruise to get a refund… or you may decide to go on your own as a solo traveler with the BearCruise group.

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Interest Free Payment Plan.

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Your Information will never be shared with any third party.